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In the beginning was Metapolator with which Atem shares its early history. There's no need to reproduce it here.

How Atem Began

The technology invented for Metapolator showed to be generic enough to be used in a broad range of applications, while Metapolator itself has a very tightly defined product vision and UI/UX concept. This created a bad situation for the technology side and the Metapolator-Application.

The decision was to take the fancy technology out of the Metapolator repository and to organize it in sub-modules. This would make it a good environment for more general, experimental application development using our model abstractions and that way it would have a high potential as source for ideas and solutions that could feed back into Metapolator.

This work was carried out by Lasse in early 2016. We gave it the name Atem Tooling Expressive Models

Want to know how the story continues? Have a look at our Vision.