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Ways to collaborate are manifold and we are grateful for any of it. This is inspiration for anyone who is interested in helping the Atem-Project.

Of course, this list is not exhaustive.
If you have another idea on how to collaborate make contact and let us know!

Participate in the Community

Use our stuff and talk about it. Talk with us, talk with others, play, learn, build, share. We are open for everyone and we want your feedback.

Be a Writer

For the contents of this site, the documentation and the conversion of visitors, we need technical writing and copywriting. Whether you feel more comfortable with reviewing and rewriting or if you prefer to write new texts, we're open for all.

Atem needs authoring, jump in and help out!

We use the Atem-Project GitHub repository as the backend of this site. Ask us if you don't know how to work with that.

Develop with Atem

Look at the Applications that we're building and see the technology we've build for that. If you get inspired and a have an idea yourself it is your turn to make it! Use the Atem modules and see how far you get. Our modules will improve from your feedback.

Thanks for being bold!

Develop Atem

You like the project and share our vision? You can learn, build, invent and improve Atem directly. Be sure to contact us before you start a big addition or rewrite. Read the contribution guidelines FIXME: missing link target. Ask us anything, don't speculate. We are glad to help you getting started.

Atem is yet mostly written in JavaScript, though we have also tasks that can be done without writing code at all, you can help on higher levels. E.g. Language design for the next Property Language, finding better algorithms, or generally help writing Proposals. I'm sure we can ways find a math challenge as well.

Support Us

Have a look at the Support Us page, if you think more of a remote approach to collaboration.