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Atem Tooling Expressive Models

We make power tools for creative minds by exploring new data models and creating sublime tooling.

The core task of the current phase is developing the Atem-CPS technology stack and to prove the superiority of the concept for complex design tasks like parametric type design.

Our aim is making software that empowers the user; that is simple to use by default but unlimited when more might is needed. Software that helps the user to grow more knowledge and to become more skillful.

See the Projects page for our actual output.

Fonts for the world!

The root of Atem is Metapolator and our focus is on making better tools for type design and typography. Atem is an infrastructure project that will have the most impact in the parts of the world with complex scripts that need big fonts with 1,000s or 10,000s of glyphs.

More than fonts.

Atem is not limited to any specific use. We build big applications and smaller tech-demos to spark inspiration for other domains.
Build your own creative applications using Atem concepts and tooling.

See Vision for more details.

Community and Free Software

Atem is all about making great and Free Software—“free” as in “free speech,” not as in “free beer”—we collaborate as a community, using git as our main tool. The contents and code of this website are hosted on GitHub. Think of it like a Wiki, but with a workflow as in Open Source Software.

Of course all source code of our sub-projects is on GitHub, too. If you are interested in joining our community see the Collaboration and Support Us pages as an inspiration for what you can do.

Project Communication

A big part of this website is dedicated to project management and documentation of Atem. The Project, Concepts, Proposals and Manuals sections are there to help us organizing our work and to help you learning about this project.

We strive to be open and transparent, most of our discussions are held publicly on the Issue Tracker of Atem-Project or if appropriate on the issue tracker of a sub-project.