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Hello World, this is Atem

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Atem-Project now has a homepage. It's a wiki-like system build around GitHub and made to represent and steer the project.

This is an interesting anouncement for me, though, all the information is on the site itself:

Here's a short round up of how we do it and what it is supposed to be:


I made a simple static website generator, details here: Atem-Webgenerator.

It will be used from Travis CI to continuously update this website whenever anyone pushes to the master branch of (Atem-Project)[]. This leaves us with a nice wiki-like system, that is controlled in the way all the other projects we are working on, via Pull-Request and reviews and so forth. We got accustomed to that way of working.

We used the Wiki provided by GitHub previously, but I was unhappy with the way it (not) counts contributions and with the limited means to present the contents. With this approach we can have a dignified home.

What is it good for?

There are actually two aims.

All this is described in more detail on the site itself. What's left to say is a triple hip hip hooray³.